Download SmartFace – Live Wallpapers For Android Mobile –

SmartFace is a fun and free Personalization App with smart live wallpapers

With SmartFace you can pick and choose from our huge selection of cool and useful ”smart live wallpapers” with design and functionality that really will make your phone stand out from the crowd! It´s free and it´s fun, time to change today!


Example of features:

– Lots of clock designs
– Weather in new cool designs
– Health & stepcounters
– Calendars and appointments
– Compasses and GPS
– App connections, FaceBook, Twitter and more.


To show you these cool features the SmartFace app must ask for certain permissions, but these are only requested when needed.

Calendar = Required for the SmartFace to display calendar events.
Contact = Required to login with Google
Location = Required for the SmartFace to display weather.
Storage = Required for the SmartFace app to download SmartFaces and store them on the device.
Access email = Required for the SmartFace to display unread Gmail mail count.


SmartFace will update the application with new cool live wallpapers all the time so that you have a huge selection of wallpapers. Please let us know if you experience any problems with our Smartfaces / live wallpapers at
Also if you have any ideas for new wallpapers or features.

Hope you enjoy the application!




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