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The Best Car Insurance Companies of 2023

Not all car insurance companies are created equal. We surveyed more than 10,000 drivers to learn more about their car insurance experience, focusing on areas such as customer service, claims management and customer retention. Using this data, we have reviewed the best car insurance companies of 2023 to help you find the best one.

The points

  1. USAA is #1 in our rankings and also has the lowest rates in our study. Its products are only available for the US military community.
  2. Geico, the 5th company in our ranking, has the lowest annual cash flow, on average, among the companies we surveyed.
  3. State Farm, the #2 ranked insurer overall, has the third lowest rate in our ranking of the top 10 auto insurance companies.

Which is the best car insurance company?

According to our data, the best car insurance company is USAA, but its insurance products are only available for the military. If this doesn’t apply to you, the next best option is State Farm, which takes second place in our analysis.

To find the best auto insurance companies, we analyzed rate data and policyholder feedback, paying close attention to customer service, claims management, customer retention and renewals. We also asked survey participants whether they would recommend their current insurer to a motorist who purchased a new policy.

If you’re looking for auto insurance, this list can help you compare insurers based on what’s most important to you. Although USAA and State Farm lead the pack, you can find the best in a group of eight other companies in our ranking. Therefore, it is wise to consider several insurers and their prices before taking out or renewing your policy.


USAA is the best insurance company in our ranking. According to our research, USAA customers report the highest levels of customer satisfaction and are more likely to repeat their orders and recommend USAA to other drivers. USAA also had the lowest rate in our study, beating the national average by 35%. USAA insurance products, including auto, home, and liability insurance policies, are available only to members of the military community. So, not all drivers will be eligible for coverage from this insurance policy. Read more in our USAA review.

2. State Farm

State Farm is #2 in our rankings and scores above average on every level, including complaint handling and customer loyalty. It also performed well in our ranking of the cheapest car insurance companies of 2023. The premiums it pays for drivers with less than a clean driving record are the lowest in our ranking for those who can’t get USAA policy.

3. Farmers

is tied for #3 in our ranking and tied for the highest ranking in many of our rankings. He holds the liaison for No. 1 in complaint handling and No. 2 in customer service and customer retention. Farmers loses out to other insurers in our rankings for likelihood to repeat, with its score of 4.0 below the category’s 4.2. It also has one of the most expensive average annual rates of the companies that made our rating.

All countries have moved up two places since our 2021 survey, tying for third place. All countries have the second highest score on our customer loyalty score and can be supported with a score higher than any of the other rankings. All countries are also cheaper than average for some drivers, especially those with good driving records or bad credit. Find out more in our national survey.

3. Geico

Geico tied for third place in our ranking of the best auto insurance companies of 2023, with average scores in various categories, such as claims handling, customer service and customer loyalty. It also ranks second on our list of the cheapest car insurance companies of 2023, with some of the cheapest rates for teenage drivers and those with poor credit. Read more in our Geico review.

6. Allstate

Moving up three spots to No. 6 in this year’s ranking of the best auto insurance companies, Allstate is fourth in our rankings, though the company receives a slightly lower score. below average in most of our other posts. article. Its rates are among the highest in our review, but Allstate may offer competitive rates for certain drivers, such as those with speeding violations on their driving record. Learn more in our Allstate review.

6. Travelers

Travelers also saw some upward movement this year, climbing two places and tying for sixth place. Travelers’ customer service score was lower than the other seven insurers in our survey, but it was first in our unsolicited claims management category and third most likely to be renewed. Travelers also receive higher ratings for policy renewals and pay premiums that are generally lower than the national average.

8. Moving forward

Continuous improvement is the eighth in our analysis. Overall, customers are generally happy with how easy it is to open a policy, but success takes last place in our Best Customer Loyalty category and scores below average in all other categories. . Customers also continue to report that they are less likely to renew their policy or recommend other insurers and drivers. However, people with a DUI can use Progressive to open an account. The premiums for these drivers are among the lowest in our study. Find out more in our ongoing review.

8. AAA

AAA is new to our ranking of the best auto insurance companies, with Progressive tied for eighth place. His scores were below average in every category examined. However, it takes sixth place among us who can make it new, beating Allstate, Farmers, progressives and American families. AAA also had the highest rates in our study, but drivers considering AAA should get input to determine whether each other’s rates are competitive.

10. The American Family

America’s Family dropped four spots this year to rank 10th in our survey. Its number is the lowest in most of the unqualified rankings, although the American family has a higher score than the one that continues in the category of the best for consumers. Despite the low rates, American Family offers competitive rates for certain drivers, especially teenage drivers, drivers with poor credit, and drivers with accidents or DUI on their record.

Which is the best car insurance company?

Based on our data and customer survey results, USAA is the best auto insurance company. However, USAA insurance products are only available to active duty military and veterans and their families. State Farm is ranked #2 in our survey, making it the best auto insurance company for drivers who don’t qualify for a USAA membership. Although USAA and State Farm are at the top of the charts, it is a good idea to consider and compare several insurers that made the best auto insurance companies of 2023.

This can help you find the insurance that suits your needs. . USAA also refined our five sub-categories based on customer feedback. However, not all insurance will meet USAA membership requirements. For this reason, we have identified the finalist in each category so that all buyers know the best option in each category.

Although rates play a big role in your decision, it is also important to get and compare car insurance. Although our study includes data on average rates, your personal auto insurance rate will depend on your age, location, driving record, credit score, and the type and amount of insurance you prefer, among others, so It is important to consider your options based on the current demographics. . Quotes can help you accurately estimate the price and find out which insurers offer the best deals.

Best for customer service: USAA and State Farm

USAA and State Farm rank #1 and #2, respectively. Sixty-five percent of USAA customers who have not filed a complaint say they are satisfied with their customer service experience. That number falls slightly among those who file complaints, with nearly 64% of USAA customers saying they are satisfied with the insurer’s customer service.

If you don’t qualify for USAA coverage, you may want to consider State Farm. Nearly 60% of State Farm customers who have not filed a complaint are very satisfied with their customer service experience. According to USAA, State Farm’s customer satisfaction rating is relatively low among customers who file complaints. Fifty-six percent of survey respondents say they are completely satisfied with their customer service experience.

Farmers, National and Geico scored above average for customer service.

Best for complaint handling: Travelers

Claims management is an important part of any insurance policy, and travelers rank first in this category. It gets a 4.3 out of 5 and is the only insurer out of USAA, which leads the pack in every other rating category we reviewed. Almost 62% of travel customers say they are completely satisfied with the ease of filing a complaint, and 65% say they are completely satisfied with the resolution of their complaint.

Farmers, Nationwide and State Farm also had above-average rates of managing brands. Likely to be recommended: USAA and all countries
With low rates and high rates in every category we looked at, it’s no surprise that USAA customers can recommend their insurers to other drivers looking for coverage.

Fifty-three percent of USAA customers who have not signed up say they are likely to recommend USAA car insurance, and another 18 percent say they are likely to recommend USAA. ‘insurer. After filing a claim, USAA customers can file a claim with their insurer. Sixty-one percent of respondents say they can recommend the insurer, and another 8% say they can recommend it.

If you do not have a USAA membership, consider No. Thirty-one percent of customers who have not filed a complaint say they would recommend other drivers nationwide, and another 41% say they might. Nationwide numbers are improving among consumer complaints. Forty-two of them say they can support their insurer, while 32% say they can. Other insurers that have done well in this sector include State Farm and Allstate.

Likely to repeat: USAA and State Farm

A policyholder’s willingness to renew their policy can say a lot about their experience with the insurer. USAA has the highest customer loyalty score, beating State Farm by less than one point.

On average, 78% of USAA customers who have not yet registered say they may or will renew their policy. Nearly 70 percent of survey respondents who filed complaints say they would recommend USAA to other drivers.

As mentioned above, access to USAA insurance products is limited. If you don’t qualify for membership, you may want to consider State Farm, which says that the second of us is most likely to renew the notice.


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