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How to control Apple Watch with iPhone

The Apple Watch is an indispensable tool if you’re part of the Apple ecosystem, but sometimes you might want to use your iPhone’s larger screen to control your Apple Watch. Apple has always emphasized that this feature will be very useful for people with physical and motor disabilities. In this article, we will show you how to control your Apple Watch with your iPhone.

Apple Watch Mirroring allows users to use their iPhone to control the Apple Watch using features such as voice commands and switch controls. Instead of touching the Apple Watch display, they can use inputs such as voice commands, audio actions, head tracking, or external Made for iPhone switches. Below we have mentioned the steps to control Apple Watch with iPhone.

How to control Apple Watch with iPhone

Go to the settings option on your Apple Watch.
Click on the accessibility option.
Next, tap on Apple Watch Mirroring and turn it on.
Now scroll down to the bottom of the screen and reach out to control nearby devices. Once you get it, select it.
Users can swipe between screens and view them between the left and right sides.
Press the digital crown on the display and click the side button on the display.
Now use Siri while touching and holding the Digital Crown on the display.
Once the devices are connected, the iPhone will show a list of options and click on it.
You can check all the controls on your Apple Watch. After completing the previous step, your iPhone will automatically connect and wake up.
You will see options like Home, App Switcher, Notifications, Control Center and Siri
Tap on the three available dots to open the available options.
Then scroll down to the bottom of the screen where the music controls are displayed.
Finally, tap on options to control certain things on your iPhone.

Final words

Apple Watch offers the best services to its users. This small device on your wrist is the equivalent of a fitness partner that measures your health data, logs connections with people, and accepts or rejects calls that the iPhone controls through the Apple Watch. It also tracks your daily activity and makes your goals achievable every day.

I hope you have understood this article How to Control Apple Watch with iPhone.

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