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How to Disable PowerShell on Windows 11

Windows 11/10 comes with cross-platform PowerShell pre-installed. It is a very important tool that makes it easy to perform various tasks just by typing a few simple commands. You can use it to run commands to make various changes to settings, fix multiple issues, manage features and automate work, etc. In this article, we will try to teach you how to disable PowerShell in Windows 11.

Windows PowerShell is a basic and useful application that comes with the Windows operating system. However, sometimes you may need to disable it to avoid unwanted changes by executing malicious commands. This tool is used by an attacker to create malicious software that runs malicious scripts and accesses the file system and registry. Below are the steps to get rid of Windows PowerShell.

How to disable Windows 11 PowerShell

Open Start.
Search for gpedit.msc and select the top result to open the Local Group Policy Editor.
Navigate to the following path: User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System
On the right side, double-click the Do not start specified Windows applications policy.
Select Enabled.
In the “Options” section, click the View button.
Type powershell.exe in the “Value” column to disable PowerShell.
Click Apply. knob
Click the OK button.

Final words

We hope that our article on how to disable Windows Command Prompt will help you and solve all your problems. Sometimes PowerShell can also be used for bad purposes. It can be used to perform automated malicious tasks and effectively infect network devices. If you also want to know how to disable or turn off PowerShell on your Windows computer, follow the steps above.

I hope you have understood this article How to disable PowerShell in Windows 11.

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