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How to Enable Dark Mode For All Websites in Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser is an open source program for accessing the World Wide Web and running web applications. The Google Chrome web browser is based on the open source Chromium project. Google released Chrome in 2008 and releases several updates every year. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems. In this article, we will try to teach you how to enable dark mode for all websites in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome already has a built-in dark mode. Websites can automatically switch to dark mode when you use it, provided the website supports it. However, most websites don’t have an automatic dark mode – or any dark mode at all. Instead of waiting for millions of sites to jump into dark mode, Chrome’s new “Force dark mode for web content” option will darken all those light-colored sites. Below are the steps to turn on dark mode for all websites in Google Chrome.

How to Force Dark Mode on Every Site in Chrome

Open Google Chrome and click in the address bar of the browser.
Type chrome://flags/ in the website address bar and press Enter.
Now enter the keyword enable-force-dark in the Search Flags box at the top of the Experiments tab.
In the drop-down menu for Automatic dark mode for web content, select Enabled.
Click the Restart button that appears at the bottom of Chrome.

Final words

So here we conclude our article on how to enable Forced Dark in Chrome. Chrome can easily be switched to dark mode, making it easier on the eyes when you’re searching Google at night. Additionally, Chrome can even force light-themed websites to display inverse colors, giving you dark backgrounds and light text.

I hope you have understood this article How to Enable Dark Mode for All Websites in Google Chrome.

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