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How to Fix Voice Dictation Tool Not Working on Windows 11


If you like voice input, Windows 11 has got your back. This feature is not new, but it seems to have improved in the latest version of Windows. But what to do when it no longer works? If you’re used to using voice input to search or even type entire documents, switching to a keyboard can be annoying. While the keyboard is an obvious temporary fix, you’ll need to fix the voice input before you can use it again after lunch. This article is about how to fix Voice Dictation not working in Windows 11.

The voice input feature is one of the most talked about features in the latest iteration. Who wouldn’t want to use voice input text instead of typing the same thing? However, several users have reported that voice input does not work in Windows 11. The feature is not new, it was also present in Windows 10, albeit with a different name. But on Windows 11 it is definitely much more advanced and offers high accuracy in speech to text translation. Below are the steps to fix Voice Dictation not working on Windows PC.


4 Ways to Fix Windows 11 Voice Typing Not Working

Disconnect and reconnect the external microphone
If you are using an external microphone and having problems with the voice input function in Windows 11, it may be due to existing loose connections. To get rid of the problem, you should disconnect the device manually by unplugging it and plugging it in again to facilitate voice input in Windows.


Allow access to the microphone
Open the Windows Settings app and expand Privacy & Security in the left sidebar.
Next, scroll down and look for Microphone under App Permissions and click on it to show the related options.
Make sure the microphone access switch is enabled on your system.
You can also check and turn on microphone access for individual applications installed on your Windows computer.
Check the default audio input device
Click the search icon on the taskbar to open the search menu. Enter your audio settings and select a result under Best Match.
Under “Select a device to speak or record,” select your preferred audio device. Also, make sure the volume is not too low.
Then use Windows + H to access voice input in Windows and see if it works.
Check Language of speech
Open the Start menu and click the gear icon to launch the Settings app.
On the Time and Language tab, click Speech.
Use the drop-down menu under Speech language to select your preferred voice input language. You can optionally enable “Recognize foreign accents for this language” if it is not your native language.

Final words


We hope that our article on methods to fix voice typing not working in Windows 11 will help you and solve all your problems. There are many other things about the voice input tool that a user needs to know in order to get the most out of it. You may also need to reconfigure the default settings for the best experience or set the tool to run automatically when needed.

I hope you have understood this article How to fix Voice Dictation not working in Windows 11.


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