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How to Fix No App Found to Open URL Error on Android

4 Ways to Fix Error Opening URL in Android App
Restore system settings
Drag the notification bar down
Select Settings
Select Applications
Click on the three dots
Select Reset app settings
Change your default browser
Run the application settings
Select applications
Select Default Apps
Select a browser
Select Web Navigator
Reopen the URL
Check the Disable apps box
Drag the notification bar down
Click on the settings gear
Select applications
Select Demand Manager
If you don’t see the Application Manager settings, go to settings and applications and enable system applications manually
Check that system applications are not disabled. Include your browser and Google Play Store.
If they are disabled, activate or enable them.
After activation, check if the problem still persists.
Turn off instant apps

Open the Google Play Store on your phone.

Tap your profile picture in the top right corner and select Settings.
Expand the General menu and tap Google Play Instant.
Turn off the switch next to “Upgrade Web Links” and select Turn Off when prompted.
Final words
That’s it with our article on methods to fix No application found to open URL error on Android. Having trouble opening links on your Android phone due to “No application found to open the URL” error? For example, this error may appear when you open a web page using Google or another application without a browser. Then follow the above steps to resolve these issues.

I hope you have understood this article How to fix app not found error to open URL on Android.

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