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Send Free SMS Very useful Website. This app has certainly made easy for transacting message among our club members. Our some of the club members in the countryside (village) don’t use WhatsApp but and even when there is no internet we could send message easily. Send Free SMS Website I recommend this to anyone who doesn’t want to waste their time. All you have to do is send 1 message to multiple people at once. Such a life and time saver! Thank you to the team who created this amazing Website. Works great although it seems bugged with history. Just tested it and there is no record of my outbound text despite having history saving enabled like it was by default.

Send Free SMS WebsiteI have used it twice now and am wondering why I have not downloaded sooner. Such a time saver. Sends each contact a single message rather than in group texts. Great app that allows a text message to be sent to a group of people at once but showing that it was sent to the individual on one to one basis. Send Free SMS Website It saves time and also provides high convenience. I love it. Excellent simple straightforward Website. Tracking unsent messages are great. Send free SMS Website history is also superb. I recommend this application to use this website. It is very useful to send messages to a group of people.



Send Free SMS this is amazing!! Thank you so much for developing this! It works very well. I don’t get any alerts or warnings as others have mentioned. It just sends the text messages out separately. Which is exactly what I wanted to do for urgent info for groups. I recommend a schedule too. Send Free SMS that would be a great addition to this app. There was a warning that this app sends a large number of messages, and it appears before the message will be sent to each contact. I’m just tired of clicking “allow” for every message and I just hope this warning doesn’t have to appear anymore. But overall these apps really help me, because I can’t be sent SMS to 50 contacts at once.



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