GTA: Liberty City Stories

GTA: Liberty City Stories – One, from not many games, about which you can not talk much. Probably each of us played GTA of this or that version. As always, developers offer you a large open world, a sea of ​​weapons and ammunition. You will play for Tonny, the former “soldier” of the Leo’s mafia family. You come to Liberty City and realize that the city is mired in corruption and warriors between clans that literally tear the city apart. You must regain the former glory and influence of the family Leone. But it will be quite difficult to do this. On your way there will be not only thugs, killers and corrupt officials, but also your own mother! Are you ready to visit the familiar locations of the city again?

High resolution textures and characters
Calculation of lighting and shadows in real time
Excellent graphics
Support for cross-platform save
The ability to play with the joystick
Huge selection of weapons
Interesting story line and a large number of secondary tasks


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