WhatScan Web : Status Saver 2020

By | January 19, 2021
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WhatScan Web : Status Saver 2020

Looking for a double WhatsApp app? Or dual WhatsApp so you can open chat on multiple devices?

Do you also want to save WhatsApp status with the ultimate WhatsApp status downloader tool?

WhatScan Web : Status Saver 2020 is a free WhatsApp QR code scanner & best status downloader app to open your chat on a different device. Meaning it can be your WhatsApp web, WhatsApp tablet, and dual Messenger.

Use WhatsScan for WhatsApp web, as it’s the leading WhatsApp status saver in the market as video saver, photo saver/picture saver & story saver app. Want to download status now? Use WhatsScan as fastsave tool for your favorite snap/photos and videos.

We all love using this amazing messenger, but with our tool, you will love using it even more since it is one of the top applications and free to use!

This WhatsApp aid & WhatsApp help tool will allow you to manage your account or accounts much more intuitively and based on your needs. WhatsScan and Status Saver for WhatsApp allows you to use two accounts that are on one device or you can run the same account Whatsapp on a dual device.

Looking for dual messenger for WhatsApp? It’s up to you on whether you will clone whatsweb accounts or use dual WhatsApp in one phone.

Our whatsaweb scanning tool is an awesome helper to open a second account on your device.Connect to your WhatsApp Account by scanning the bar code. You can chat, download media, status messages, etc. See why we are one of the best whats app web tools!

Unlike other dual WhatsApp messenger tools, who offer this sole functionality to have dual WhatsApp on one phone, we expand our usability and offer you the best status downloader which is free to use. So, our Status Saver feature is used to save status of your friends and family.

Use WhatScan Web : Status Saver 2020 app and you can use dual Whatsapp messenger within same device and also you can use the Status Saver option to check the recent status and can share it among your friends and families.

Features of WhatScan Web : Status Saver 2020 App:

– Free to use.
– Nice and simple User interface.
– You can use the same WhatsApp account on mobiles and tablets.
– Simple way to use
– You can have dual WhatsApp in a single device!
– You can have your WhatsApp account on dual devices!
– Easy to control children WhatsApp with clone WhatsApp account with whatsweb for WhatsApp.
– Whatscan for WhatsApp secured with your Password.
– Whatsweb : Double Messenger, double the fun!

Download Whatscan 2020 for Whatsapp Web & Status Saver APK for Android -  Latest Version

WhatScan Web : Status Saver 2020 is the first app that let you save whatsapp statuses whatsapp images or WhatsApp videos in your gallery, Then repost on all social networks.

Saving WhatsApp statuses will let you keep these images/videos for ever even when its expired after 24h by WhatsApp

WhatScan Web : Status Saver 2020 , Users can save any WhatsApp status in a single way or multiple statuses together also can share this status to a whatsapp contact.

How to Use WhatScan Web : Status Saver 2020 App?

1 – Check the Desired Status/Story…
2 – Open Status Saver, Click on any Image or Video to View…
3 – Click the Save Button…

WhatScan - WhatsWeb, WhatsCleaner, Status Saver

The Image/Video is Instantly saved to your Gallery

Now it’s time to take your messaging experience on a new level.

Download the best aid & helper tool to use this popular messaging app wherever and however, you want.

Get WhatScan Web : Status Saver 2020 for FREE!

Disclaimer: WhatsScan and Status Saver use WhatsApp’s web.whatsapp.com to login on your other WhatsApp account. It is not an official application or any association with whatsapp inc. Download here

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