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By | October 9, 2019

Volume in Notifcation is proposed for use on gadgets running Android 4.1 and up.

This application puts a media volume and quiet control in the Warnings window that can be gotten to from the status bar on your gadget. It gives you a chance to alter the volume without utilizing the equipment volume catch and without leaving the application that you’re at present running. For instance, you can alter the volume of a video straightforwardly from the Notices window while proceeding to watch the video.

We built up this application since we regularly think that its difficult to utilize the equipment volume catch on a tablet, contingent upon its direction and how we have it set up in the stand. We trust you think that its valuable as well!

Note: This application will just control media volume. When all is said in done, media volume incorporates music, video, and game sounds.

To utilize: Tap on the application symbol and select Initiate. This will put the volume control into the Warnings window. On the status bar, dismantle down the Notices window to get to the volume control.

To close: Tap on the application symbol and select Deactivate.


• This application doesn’t have any advertisements. In the event that you are seeing promotions in your Notices window, at that point they are being put there by an alternate application.

• Ensure that an errand executioner or other telephone/battery/memory administrator application isn’t murdering Volume in Warning or keeping it from running at startup.

• If the volume control doesn’t show in the Notices window, ensure that warnings are turned on for your gadget under Settings > Applications > Volume in Notice > Show notices (check the container). Note: This setting is accessible for Android 4.1 and up as it were.

• To conceal the volume control on your lock screen, you should:

1) In Volume in Warning, check “Stow away on lock screen”

2) On your gadget, set a screen lock, for example, a Stick or secret key

3) (For Android 5.X to 6.X just) On your gadget, conceal touchy substance under Settings > Sound and notice > When gadget is bolted > Shroud delicate warning substance

• To conceal the status bar symbol:

In Volume in Notice, set the Need level to “Min”, the Significance level to “Low” (Android 8.X), or the Conduct to “Show quietly and limit” (Android 9.0+)

• Tapping the Quiet catch will enable you to quiet and unmute the volume.

• We utilize the standard Android AudioManager Programming interface, which just permits the volume increases you find in this application.

• It’s impractical to put a sliding volume bar in the Warnings window


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