Top 2 useful apps for android

By | December 31, 2020

Android’s biggest strength is its app ecosystem. There are a digital ton of Android apps. People downloaded them billions of times. Some of them cost money and some of them don’t. Usually, the best apps will cost you a few bucks. so, today I will show use top 3 free apps for your daily use and it’s absolutely free


topicboy apk

NewPipe is a Youtube client that doesn’t use any libraries that are dependent on Google’s framework or on any Youtube API. The application is limited to analyzing Youtube itself in order to obtain needed information. This basically means that you can use this app on ANY device, even the ones that don’t have Google Services installed.

The best part about NewPipe, however, isn’t being able to use it without Google Services: it’s everything else. Like its small size (barely 2 megabytes) and other features, like the possibility of listening to videos while they play in the background, or even downloading them. In fact, you can either download the video or just the audio.

In NewPipe’s configuration options, you can choose your preferred resolution (360p by default). You can also link up an external video or audio player in order to play your videos. And, of course, you can choose the directory where you want to save all of your downloaded video and audio files. Another really interesting option lets you force all the traffic through Tor.


OG insta

Multiple Account Support

You can log in 2 accounts in a once using OG Instagram Apk. You will get the notifications related to both accounts at the same time using this interesting version of IG. There is no need to remove your account information to log in to another one. Just

Operate both accounts simultaneously using OG Instagram Apk.

Download Media

The best thing about this version of Instagram is its media downloading feature. Official Instagram never allows its user to download any image, video or GIF in the gallery from the application while in case of OG Instagram Apk, you can download all types of media including images, videos, boomerangs  and anything else directly into the gallery

Share Links

Using OG Instagram Apk, you can share URLs of images and videos with your friends very easily. In this way, they can make quick access to the media that you want to share with them.

Follow indicator

OG Instagram Apk has an inbuilt ‘Follow indicator’. This feature is designed to let the user know about the people who are following or un-following him. You will get a notification whenever you find someone who starts following you or un-follow your account.

Zoom profile picture

OG Instagram Apk is the application that makes your access to the tiny profile picture and allows you to zoom in. In the case of the original application, you are unable to view that image properly.

IGTV video access

You have enjoyed the feature of IGTV on official Instagram in which you can see the lengthy videos very easily. These videos are not downloaded by the official Instagram app. Download the whole IGTV video by using OG Instagram Apk.


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