SMS Lock – Message Locker

SMS Lock is one of the most popular applications of android system. SMS Lock has another name called Message Locker, which is very convenient to protect your personal messages in case you lose your cell phone, you are away from it or your friend borrows the cell phone to play games, read news. This means that SMS Lock makes you more powerful to prevent your privacy from curiousness of the other people.

SMS Lock(also Message Locker) is programmed not only for SMS, draft messages and emails but also for many various applications such as texting, emails, contacts, Facebook Messenger, We Chat, Skype, Viber, Line, etc.
When application installation is successful, you will have a default password as 1234 and should change it. You only access to this application by entering the right password. Therefore, please make sure that the password is easy for you to remember but difficult for the other people to guess.
SMS Lock (also Message Locker) lists all message-receiving-functioned softwares of the cell phone that you can make decisions to lock or unlock each of them.
How could you use SMS Lock?
– Create a new password for Message Locker.
– Select the apps you want to lock from the list of messaging, chat and email applications on your device.
– And you are done.
– Now you just have to enter your password to open your message/ email/ chat app.
You no longer have to worry about anyone using your phone. Your messages are 100% secure and hidden behind a password.
When in doubt, remember Gandalf’s wise words, “Keep it secret. Keep it safe”. 😉


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