Shake Light – Bright Torch


This is a FREE flash light app šŸš«šŸ’²šŸ¤‘šŸ’µ

Easily use your FlashLight šŸ”¦ with just a shake of your phone.
Now you can have an easy access to a useful utility of your device!

It detect when is in a pocket so you donā€™t need to bother that the flashlight turns on when you go for a run! šŸ¤Æ


This awesome torch app has a sensibility configuration to adjust it to the user strength and preference šŸ˜®šŸ˜³

Stop living in the dark, flash your friends with this must have bright torch! šŸ”¦āš”


No permissions required! we wonā€™t require Camera or internet permission! As state before a no permission required app, we only use what we really need to turn on the light!
You can get this bright torch light in all situations with a shake of the phone! Is the easiest way to use your cellphone LED flash

Why donā€™t we need camera permission?:
Even though the flash is part of camera is not really needed the permission to just toggle the LED on and off.
* To use this app you must have a LED flash integrated in your camera, if the phone doesnā€™t have a flash the app wonā€™t work