Sensor Video Player

By | March 28, 2020

Sensor Video Player app used to save battery by playing any video in background without display.

This app is mainly used when you are travelling in train, car, bus with ear phone to listen audio of the movie.

In some situation when travelling you don’t want to see video of the video or movie. That time you can simply ON the Sensor Video Player and play the movie in background without display.

Usually in mobile most of the battery will drain by display. In this situation you can saves your mobile battery. This app will saves you 60% of battery.

1. Play Video in Background
2. Saves 60% of mobile battery
3. Avoid mobile heat while watching Video.
4. Widget is available to ON and OFF from home screen.
5. This app is free of cost.

How to Use? How to save battery?

Enable Sensor Video Player button from app or Widget.

Then play any Movie, Songs, FM, online Radio and Game Commentary.

Hide mobile proximity Sensor for 2 seconds, the display will be off and then the movie play in the background without display (Black Screen).

You can hear only audio of any Video and saves 60% of your mobile battery.

You can simply hide sensor by three ways:
1. Keep your mobile inside pocket
2. Keep your mobile upside down on the floor
3. Hide Sensor by any object or by hand

To stop Sensor Video Player click the notification or click the off button in app or by home screen widget.

Use home screen widget to enable and disable sensor video player from home screen without opening the app.

Use settings page to customize the app features.

This app won’t lock the screen, instead it just off the screen.

You can play any video app, game in background.

Enjoy audio without display and save 60% of battery. Share this app to your friends.

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