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Download and Play the latest very exciting simulation game Open World Player – Miami !

Open World Player – Miami is a thrilling and very realistic simulation 3D game with amazing 3D graphics and physics.


Become a Open World Player – Miami who has to finish missions in the desert city.

Use all your fantastic power and marvelous strategy to protect the people of the city. This is the best Open World Player games available on the store.


You as a Open World Player – Miami are given a huge desert where you can go nuts, but don’t go on a rampage because then the cops will be upon you. The action in this crime simulator 3D game revolves around shooting and killing your enemies.

To stop these criminals you have to complete a lot of missions and you need to learn how to fly helicopter and jet planes. Open World Player – Miami is action packed with lots of missions. When you are driving around in you can look on the minimap for missions or you can use the quick buttons to start right away a mission.


– Stunning 3D Desert Graphics
– Epic storyline
– Widescreen resolution support
– Beautiful new graphics
– New obstacles
– Amazing 3D graphics and realistic objects and environments
– Mobile joystick
– Beautiful levels to explore
– Interaction with city people using the Interaction “i’ button whenever you go close to them.
– Interaction with any city traffic car when you go near them.
– Weapon shops are located in the city. You can enter the shop with money to buy your favourite gun, grenade or bazooka.
– Dance Clubs entry needs more money to make sure to finish some missions before you try to enter these clubs.

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