OnCharge Animations


PS: We don’t own copyright to some of the animations used and where possible the copyright owner is indicated at the top of the animation screen when charger is connected.

OnCharge Animations is an amazing app that displays fancy animations whenever your battery is charging!


– Save Power, extend your battery life and charge faster with simple animations

– Monitor your battery charge level with a simple display


– Double tap to dismiss or simply pull out the battery charger

– Colorful, funny and beautiful phone animations. Multiple custom animations are available


– Get a Full Battery Alert (sound notification as soon as the battery is full to prevent overcharging and prevent battery damage)

– Full support for all screen resolutions


Tired of that ordinary charging message? This app shows you the percentage of battery level alongside fun and beautiful animations that are dismissed as soon as you unplug the charger.

You can configure the app to display an animation of your choice and even disable the animations temporarily in case of any inconvenience.


———————————————–How to Use——————————————————-
1. Connect your charger

2. Tap the OnCharge notification


3. Tap an animation to show it.

4. To dismiss the animation, double tap on screen. If that does not work, check to ensure your phone is unlocked.


Please Note:
– This is the only way to show animations due to Google policies which no longer allow developers to make actions when a charger is connected

– You can swipe down to load new themes



=========Recent Major Changes========
– The app now has a Full Battery Alert notification
– Download extra themes/animations from the app
– The app is now less than 5MB in size
– Easily disable and re-enable animations
– More reliable play of animations after starting the app for the first time
– Share your themes for upload
– Prioritized display of downloaded animations

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