next level photo editing app 2019

By | May 7, 2019

Motion Image

The Makaron dragon was born when the rainbow falls down around Versa town.
Little fairies love to play Makaron app(Previous Versa – Pastiche Master App) and bring out their unlimited creativity.
AI instantly recognizes people, animals, backgrounds, etc. in photos and can isolate these figures to create separate elements.

New filters for multiple application
You can apply a different filter to each figure in the picture to create fancy filter combinations

Photo Blurhe
You can apply a wonderful blur effect instantaneously to save your photos from nasty background or photobombers

Background change
Quickly move from Hollywood to Eiffel Tower by replacing your background photo in seconds

Image duplication
Let your imagination run and give birth to your twin with just a tap

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Image Healing:
We enable you remove anyone you don’t like in the image.

Image segmentation
Live inside an oil painting by choosing a style to turn your background into art

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