My Name 3D Live Wallpaper

By | October 15, 2020

My Name 3D Live Wallpaper.

This is simple live wallpaper contains display name with various stylish 3D themes.

Thousands of color combination available for display name.

My Name 3D live wallpaper contains more than 25 stylish text fonts for display name.

How To 3D Live Wallpaper Of Your Name | My Name 3D Live Wallpaper - YouTube

Also can set random color effect for display name.

This app is highly customizable, you can customize the following features:-

* Set display name
* Set color for display name.
* Set style for display name.
* Set size for display name.
* Show/Hide glow for display name.
* Show random color for display name.
* New Attractive style for the name has been added.
* Move your name anywhere on the home screen and set as wallpaper.
* Set your favorite color in the background of your name.
* Set attractive wallpapers as the background of your name.
* Set name background from the camera picture or photo gallery. Download Here

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