Light Wave Free

Abstract live wallpaper from colorful waves, shiny rainbow and northern lights
This 3d colors wallpaper can display as abstract colorful waves, bright color rainbow, aurora borealis or northern lights wallpapers, merry dancers wallpapers. Abstract live wallpaper similar to the peacock’s tail and a shine rainbow. Having picked up setting color schemes by selecting the type of wave and the level of shine, you can get Christmas tree, decorated with bright lights. According to your taste, you can choose the color wallpaper,

choose the type of waves (they create the image), adjust the height and width of the wave, set the amount of shine, choose the speed of the animation for live wallpaper. Waves touch wallpaper.
It all depends on your imagination. There is much to see in this abstract images, live wallpaper settings will help spur your imagination. There is also a 3d parallax effect. Wallpapers responds to touch, you can tilt and rotate the image by swiping your finger across the screen.
To use : home->menu->wallpapers->live wallpapers->Light Wave




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