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How to Use Google Chrome Canvas App

With Canvas Student, students can access their courses and groups from a mobile device. Students can submit assignments, participate in discussions, view assessments and course materials. The app also provides access to class calendars, assignments, notifications, and chat messages. The simple drag-and-drop interface in canvas apps increases efficiency by reducing development time while giving the user ultimate control over the app’s layout and navigation. This article is about how to use Google Chrome Canvas. How to use Chrome Canvas
Install the Chrome Canvas app
Drawing with Canvas
New from picture
Add, remove or hide layers
Final words
Canvas apps can connect to data in hundreds of cloud or on-premises sources. In addition, your potential audience can access your apps via mobile devices, web browsers, or embedded in external resources or model-driven apps. Below are the steps to use Google Chrome Canvas.

How to use Chrome Canvas

Install the Chrome Canvas app
Open canvas.apps.chrome in a new tab.
Click the + icon in the address bar.
On the confirmation screen, click Install.
Canvas will now launch as a PWA. You will also see an app icon on the taskbar.
Right-click the Canvas icon on the taskbar to pin it to the taskbar. You can also find this app in your launcher.
You can now open Canvas using a shortcut on the taskbar or from the launcher. Type “Canvas” to search for the app.
Drawing with Canvas
There are two ways to get started with Canvas. You can either create a new drawing or start from an image.
If you choose New Drawing, you get a blank canvas to start drawing. New from Image allows you to upload a new image and draw on it.
Let’s first familiarize ourselves with all the elements on the screen.
Home icon to return to gallery. Here you will see all your drawings. These files are synced between devices where you use the same Google account.
Add layer icon. We will discuss this in detail later.
Settings icon. Here you will see an option to save your drawing.
Color palette. Choose your color here.
Brush size and coverage
Change the color, try different tools, create a beautiful drawing and bring the blank canvas to life.
New from picture
When you click New from Image on the canvas home screen, you’ll be prompted to select a file. Find and select the image you want to edit. Canvas will now open this image along with the tools discussed in the previous section. You can then draw on the image with all available tools. If you want to add more layers to your image, that is also possible.

Add, remove or hide layers

To add existing display layers, click the layers icon in the upper right corner.
Click the “+” icon to add a new layer.
To select the contents of a layer, click the selector icon.
Click the eye icon to show or hide the layer.
To delete a layer, click the trash can icon.
Final words
That’s it for our article on how to install and use Chrome Canvas. Google has quietly released a progressive web app called Chrome Canvas that lets you create quick doodles that are automatically saved to your Google Account.

I hope you have understood this article How to use Google Chrome Canvas.

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