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pp. For those who don’t know, the Alt + Tab key combination in the Windows operating system is used to switch between running applications. If you press the Alt and Tab keys at the same time, Windows will display the currently running applications. You can use either the arrow keys or the Tab key to select the application you want to switch to. Alt + Tab screen can also be used to close running applications and windows. This article is about how to fix Alt Tab not working in Windows 11.

4 ways to fix Alt Tab not working in Windows 11

Check if ALT+TAB is properly configured in Settings
Restart Windows Explorer
Update your keyboard driver
Enable desktop viewing
Final words
Pressing Alt + Tab is a quick way to cycle through open applications in Windows and quickly open the one you want. It’s a keyboard shortcut we all love. However, many users have found that Alt + Tab does not work after upgrading to Windows 11. In this case, you can still open the desired applications manually, but those who have laid their hands on the Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut often find it a problem. Even for others, the shortcut is a much more convenient option.

4 ways to fix Alt Tab not working in Windows 11

Check if ALT+TAB is properly configured in Settings
Press Windows + I on your keyboard to open the Settings app. Then scroll down and click on Multitasking.
On the Multitasking page, click the Desktops drop-down list.
Under Desktops, click the drop-down list next to ‘Show all open windows when I press Aft + Tab’ and select ‘Full desktop’.
Restart Windows Explorer
Press Windows + X to open the Power User menu and select Task Manager.
In the Task Manager window that appears, go to the Processes tab and select the Windows Explorer process. Then click the “Restart Task” button at the top.
Update your keyboard driver
Right-click the Start button and select Device Manager from the list.
In the Device Manager window, find “Keyboard” and double-click to expand it.
In the Human Interface Devices section, right-click on ‘HID Keyboard Device’ and select ‘Update Driver’.
In the Update Drivers window, click “Search for drivers automatically”.
Let it search for the latest Microsoft-verified drivers for your keyboard. Finds and installs the latest drivers if available. Otherwise, click the Close button in the lower right corner.
If you can’t find any new keyboard drivers, right-click on ‘HID Keyboard Device’ and select ‘Uninstall Device’.
In the confirmation dialog that appears, click Uninstall.
Restart your computer.
Enable desktop viewing
Press Windows + R to open Run and type sysdm.cpl. Then press Enter.
In the System Properties dialog box, select the Advanced tab. Then click the Settings button under Performance.
When the Performance Options dialog box appears, click the Enable preview check box if it is not already enabled. Then click Apply.
Final words
We hope you will like our article on methods to fix Alt Tab not working in Windows 11. If you are facing similar problems and want to know how to solve this problem, follow the above steps.

I hope you have understood this article How to fix Alt Tab not working in Windows 11.

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