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How to Record Audio on Windows 11 PC

In case you don’t know, Windows 11 has a built-in Sound Recorder program that works really well and is easy to use. Microsoft just recently updated the Voice Recorder app which was based on UWP. It has now been renamed the Sound Recorder app and comes with the new design language to match the Windows 11 aesthetic. In this article we will try to teach you how to Record Audio on Windows 11 PC.

The best thing about the new Sound Recorder app in Windows 11 is that it now supports recording in multiple formats including MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, WMA and more. Not to mention that you can also choose the audio quality ranging from automatic, medium and best to high. You can also change the recording device (microphone) within the app, which is great.

How to Audio Record on Windows 11

Open Sound recorder.
Press the enormous red button or press Ctrl + R to begin recording. It turns into an interruption button.
Press the interruption button to quit recording; Press again to proceed.
Press the stop button (the large dark square) to quit recording.
The recording is consequently shown on the left half of the screen. Right-snap to rename or share the document.

Final Words

We trust our article on the best way to Record Sound on Windows 11 PC will help you and resolve every one of your concerns. Sound on Windows 11 can be handily recorded. Voice recording is simple with the implicit voice recorder application on Windows and you don’t have to utilize any outsider applications for it. Voice recorder application on Windows 11 has different highlights so you don’t have to download any outsider application to record sound.
I want to believe that you comprehend this article, How to Record Sound on Windows 11 PC.

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