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How to Fix Windows Update Download Error 0xc1900201

Recently, Windows 10 users are encountering a new error 0xc1900201 while performing an in-place upgrade on their devices. In this post, we will discuss the probable reasons that can cause this error. If you are a regular Windows 10 user, you must have encountered various error codes while performing various tasks on your computer. Of these errors, the recently reported Windows Update error 0xc1900201 occurs when trying to install a Windows 10 feature update. In this article, we will try to teach you how to fix Windows Update download error 0xc1900201.

4 Ways to Fix Windows Update Download Error 0xc1900201

Extend the system reserved partition
Use the media creation tool
Do a fresh reinstall
Manual update
Final words
The 0xc1900201 update error usually occurs when Windows 10 has less disk space than required. Bad sectors in memory or an unnecessarily stored cache can also cause similar errors. Running the Windows Update Troubleshooter and renaming the update folders are two promising ways to fix this problem. Below are the steps to resolve Windows Update download error 0xc1900201.

4 Ways to Fix Windows Update Download Error 0xc1900201
Extend the system reserved partition
The first step is to create a system repair disk for anything that might go wrong.
Install and download EaseUS Partition Manager.
Install this handy tool and then run it.
Select your system partition, make sure you select the one where you originally installed Windows 10 (usually it’s C
Click Resize/Move.
In the Set size and position drop-down list below, decrease the available disk space value by approximately 600 MB.
You will then see free and unreserved unallocated space; You can then restart your computer.
After the boot process is complete, press Windows key + R to access Command Prompt with elevated privileges.
Type diskmgmt.msc in the command prompt and press Enter.
Then right-click System Reserved Partition and select Extend Volume.
Put the unallocated space you created in the system reserved partition and then save the changes.
Restart your computer and start the update process from the beginning.
Use the media creation tool
First, download the Media Creation Tool software.
Run the app and enable the license terms.
Select Upgrade this PC and then the download process will begin.
After the files are downloaded, the Media Creation Tool will start the Windows upgrade.
Please wait up to 2 hours depending on Windows 10 version and bandwidth.
Do a fresh reinstall
If you don’t get anything constructive using the above methods, you’ll have to do a fresh install with a fresh start. After you restore your PC, it will be packed with Windows 1709, which is the Fall Creators Update.

Make sure you follow the clean reinstall process which you can usually look up on the internet. The process is simple, first you need to uninstall the latest version of Windows 10 available on your system and then install the latest version from Microsoft Store.

Manual update

Open the computer and log in as an administrator.
In the Start button interface, you need to select “All Programs> Accessories> System Tools”.
Then you can tap on the System Restore option available here.
A new window will open in which you need to select “Restore your computer to an earlier time” and then click Next.
Prefer the last system restore point from the drop-down list and then press Next.
In the confirmation window, you must press Next again.
After the recovery process is complete, restart your computer.
Final words
We hope our article on methods to fix Windows Update download error 0xc1900201 will help you and solve all your problems. A number of errors appear when using Windows 10/11 operating system. One of the latest is error 0xc1900201. If you want to know how to solve these problems, follow the steps above.

I hope you have understood this article How to Fix Windows Update Download Error 0xc1900201.

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