How To Fix Script Hook Problam in GTA 5

if you are facing a script hook v critical error on gta 5 game then here is how you can fix it . you are facing this error just because your game gta 5 has been updated to a
newer version 2545.0 and your script hook fee is outdated and unfortunately there is no official update available for script hook v and the old installed script hook v
can’t run the mods on the newly updated game  let’s open the game and see what’s happening. now let’s check our game version
as you can see the game is updated to
the new version and your script hook v
does not support this new version game
if you check the script hook v download
page you won’t find the latest version
of the script hook v that supports this
new game
as you can see the final release of
script hook v supports 335 or 2 372
patches that means you can’t run your
modding and updated game with this
script hook v version
now let’s talk about solutions
the first solution is to delete script
hook v from the game directory and fix
this error
in this case your all mods will be
disabled and you will play on modded and
fresh story mode
fix 2 is to downgrade your gta 5 game to
the previous version that is compatible
with the current script hook v and it
makes sense
so we are going to downgrade our updated
before moving forward just turn off the
auto update feature on your game
to downgrade your game to the previous
version you need some game files if you
have backup game data you are good to go
but if you don’t have these files don’t
worry go to the video description and
download a game file you will find a
download link in the video description
here is your downloaded file right click
on it and extract this file
open extracted folder copy these two
files gta 5 and play gta 5 to the main
game folder
after clicking replace these two files
will be replaced with the latest game
now copy this update.rpf file and drag
it to the update folder in gta 5
directory click on replace and you’re
done your game has been downgraded to
the previous version
okay now let’s try to open the game
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