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How to Clear keyboard History on iPhone

The iOS console is astounding and the composing cushion execution is sub-par contrasted with other cell phones around the world. In the most recent iOS, we tracked down many changes to the iPhone and iPad console. The super two element unrests are text expectation (Speedy Sort) and backing for outsider iOS consoles. In this article we will attempt to show you how to Clear console History on iPhone.

Another obscure component is that the iOS console has made a client’s composing history and made a word reference to recommend spelling and make the composing experience quicker than any time in recent memory. Whenever you reject Apple’s recommended words by expressing yourself, your words are all additional to a word reference.

The iPhone console can be an irritating interloper, revising each word composed. Assuming that happens to you, this is a result of an over-burden console history that comprehends your composing examples and recollects the words you’ve utilized over the long run. This permits you to address and enter new words. In this way, clearing your iPhone’s console history is a decent methodology.

How to Delete iPhone keyboard History

Instructions to Erase My iPhone Console History
Open the Settings application.
Tap General.
Tap Move or Reset iPhone.
Tap Reset.
Tap Reset Console Word reference.
Enter your password whenever provoked.
Tap Reset Word reference.

How to Disable Auto-Correction and Keyboard History

Open Settings.
Tap General.
Tap Console.
Tap the Auto-Adjustment switch to switch off the auto-right element.
Tap the Prescient Text switch to switch off the prescient text include.
To walk out on whenever, return to this screen and tap the switches once more.

Final Words

That is all there is to it with our article on the best way to erase console History on iPhone. Assuming your iPhone or iPad is recommending incorrectly spelled words or supplanting words you composed with your own words, now is the ideal time to clear the console history on your gadget. To know how to do it then follow the means referenced previously.

I want to believe that you comprehend this article, How to Clear console History on iPhone.

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