By | May 13, 2020

Gta V new mode is really impressive this time added all characters house like Franklin, trevor & Michel, this time game is looks more interesting controller is really good and car is also added in Michel house, so the mobile version of gta v is amazing and the size of this gta is almost 300mb.

The Fan Made unity games of Famous games are growing day by day. You will see so many titles and games available on Internet today. We have uploaded few best of them. But Grand Theft Auto 5 APK Android Prologue mission is one of the best for its gameplay and almost same prologue mission gameplay. You will be able to play as Michael from GTA5 and take on a bank robbery. The gameplay is identical to original game where you can crouch,run or shoot like in GTA5. The bullet hits and death register is there as well. Making it amazing GTA5 Android game.

Its a great way to show off where you can simply mock your friends by simply playing GTA5 on your Android device. Since its almost same as GTA5 Pc you will be able to show off your gameplay. The gameplay is really amazing so directly install the apk and enjoy this gta game, Link is a description below.



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