FullScreen Pattern Lock

By | April 25, 2021

Ever wondered 3×3 pattern lock was too short for creative patterns inside your mind. You wanted a more secure pattern lock. No need to wait here it is Full Screen pattern lock Lock screen App. Which gives you 6×4 pattern dots. You can be creative as you want with this full screen pattern lock lock screen app.

This also gives you the option to customize your lockscreen the way you want. You can customize the Pattern, Dot and Circle color in order to make your pattern lockscreen more interactive and beautiful. You can create any kind of color scheme for pattern lock colors.
HOw To Get Pattern Lock 6x6 | without Root | Stay Smart | - YouTube



Full Screen pattern lock increases the security of your pattern lock by making it 6×4. More the dots, more the probability. More securer is your phone.

You can customize your pattern lock background, dot, pattern and circle color any way you want by using full screen pattern lock.

Status Bar:
Full Screen pattern lock gives you an invisible status bar so you can check your notifications.

In case you forget your pattern:
To avoid these kinds of situations. There is an option for setting a backup pin. In order to enter backup pin you need to tap first Dot three times.

In case you forget you pin:

In case you forget your pin for full screen pattern lock. You can email me for the secret pattern which will reset everything. This option is added for security.

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