Easy DND (Do Not Disturb)(Unreleased)

Easy DND is an app that offers the best features of Android’s Do Not Disturb in an accessible, user-friendly and colorfulinterface. It is designed for the latest versions of Android (Pie and up).

Change your options on the fly without having to delve into the depths of System Settings. Just keep Easy DND on your main screen and you will not want to go back to the old way of controlling your phone calls and other interruptions.


Easy DND let’s you toggle:

– Full Do Not Disturb – with no interruptions at all
– Priority Only
– All Phone Calls
– Starred Contacts Only – for your preferred contacts
– Repeat Callers
– Contacts Only
– Media Sounds
– Messages
– Touch Sounds
– Alarms
– Advanced Settings
– More to come…Download Here


Easy DND is free, open-source, and made in Flutter, the new way of creating expressive, beautiful apps. It needs only one permission to interact with “Do not Disturb”. Simply turn Easy DND off to exit it. No hassle!


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