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Ear speaker volume booster super hearing sound magnifier headset mic booster

Our Ear speaker volume booster super hearing sound magnifier headset mic booster Is an easy to use small sized app with a simple design to help you hear lower and far sound with a much higher volume than what the phone could regularly record
and as an extra feature we have an mp3 recorder to record your own audio files
please do not forget
-for a better experience, please plug in your headset first.
– You can use this app as Audi-phone.


Ear Speaker is an app that will increase your hearing to super levels using your Android. Also don’t forget that results will vary Depending on each phone, but no matter what phone you have you will definitely notice a higher audio volume.

NOTE: This is not a replacement for a hearing aid. It should only be used to assist you and is not a medical device.


The uses can be unlimited like listen to nature, have a conversation, or hear the TV or the radio better, or just have some random fun you will get you super hearing and improve what you hear.

HEADPHONES REQUIRED. a lot of people forget this but it is very important to use any kind of headphones or it will sound awful audio feedback. You have been warned!
The application amplifies the sound of the microphone straight to your earphones. and you can change setting and tune it using our easy to use audio equalizer to tactically tune into your surrounding environment.