Download Typing Hero ⚡ Text Expander, Auto-text For Android – Latest Version

Typing Hero is a high quality, yet free text expander app. It helps you transforms (expands) your own keyword to any lengthy text you want in an instant.

* Unlimited Snippet (pair of keyword and text)
* Import “Phrases” from Texpand
* Undo text expansion by pressing Delete/Backspace
* Show matching Snippet as you type
* Expand text according to typed keyword case
* Search
* Translation: English, Indonesian, Spanish (Beatriz Villanueva Molina, Joel Israel Garcia), Italian (Gabriele D’Ettorre), German (Rainer Lang, Steffen Trog), Hindi (Sangam Panda), French (Enzo), Chinese (Zero), Russian (Max Sergeyenko)


Premium (in the future):
* Dark theme
* Snippet to insert date and time information
* Snippet to copy text in current input component
* Snippet to paste text into current input component
* Snippet with multiple text
* Snippet to perform simple math operation
* App whitelist (allow Typing Hero to work only for certain apps)

* Tips about security and choosing keyword –
* Apps known to NOT work with Typing Hero –
* Why Typing Hero stops working from time to time? –
* Privacy information –


Feel free to send any feedback, suggestion, constructive criticism, bug report, or feature request to

🇮🇩 Developed in Jakarta, Indonesia, SEA.




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