Call Recorder for Whatsapp (Early Access)

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Record WhatsApp calls using Call Recorder


Supports WhatsApp calls for a wide range of Android devices and OS versions. You can store your conversation and replay it anytime you need it.

※ Notes and Warning
– Not all devices support call recording
– Use the speakerphone feature to improve incoming audio


☆☆ Main features

🏅 Automatic WhatsApp recording
Call Recorder is able to detect WhatsApp calls automatically and start recording.

🏅 Audio quality
Call Recorder creates superior output audio quality, enhanced with AI routines to provide the best audible voice.


🏅 Ease of use
Call Recorder is able to start and stop recording automatically.

※ Legal notice
Call recording without the permission from callee/caller is illegal in several countries. Always notify the participants that the call will be recorded.


※ Contact us
If you have any questions or issues, please, send us a message at

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