AppChina 2.1.63842

AppChina gives you a branding new way to find free and hot apps and games. It is free now, and you can find your favored china app store apk and download it easily with a single click. AppChina comprises an embedded store that enables you to navigate within different Categories providing you easy searching, simple and fast.

You can navigate through various categories and download all kinds of tools and games for your phone, many of which you’ve plausibly never heard about. It appears along with a well-designed interface and a natural navigation system. Hence, it shouldn’t take you too long to get used to it.


To get an app/game from AppChina: simply press on the app/game you want > tap the green bar on the right > wait for the confirmation > when you get “ would like to install “App Name” hit install > wait until the app gets installed in your device > go to the Home Screen and open the app/game.


AppChina unquestionably gives you an open chance to download as many applications you want that too for free from AppChina Store, and you can enjoy it for a limited period.

Overall, AppChina is an app store where you can find find almost all the games that you see on Google Play and Softwsp.


Download AppChina apk from pokfile.



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