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By | March 5, 2019

APK extractor will helps you to generate your install apps to APKs.

APK Extractor will extracts APK that are installed on your android device and copies them to your SD card.

APK Extractor Lite extracts all APKs that are present on your android device whether it is downloaded or System apk and copies them to your SD card.

We have released an amazing feature to share apks to your friends connected in same network either WiFi or hotspot.

This application helps you to extract installed applications and generate an APK file on your device so you can share in Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive.

Totally free apps to convert your install apps intro APKs file.

Best features of the app
-Fast and easy to use.
-Extracts almost all application,including system applications using APK extractor 2019
-Share APK using skype,facebook,bluetooth,xender,mail,google drive etc using APK extractor manager.
-Beautiful UI.
-Apk installer / Apk Manager / Apk Share / App Share is a lightweiht free apk installer, uninstaller, backup, restore and share.
-APK Installer / App Installer – the best app manager for Android. The redesigned APK Installer makes it easier to manage your Android Apps.
-Apk Manager / App Manager can easily install, uninstall, share, copy and move your apk to other location.

-With Apk Sharer / App Share you can directly share the installed app and apk on sdcard to others.
-No unnecessary permissions.
-No ROOT access required in APK extractor manager.
-By Default Apk’s will be saved in /sdcard/APK manager in APK manager .
-Provided Search option to search applications in APK extractor 2019.
-Directly uninstall Downloaded Application
-Save installed app on your phone for future use
-Compatible with latest version of Android 7.0 in APK extractor .
-Customize app theme in APK extractor.
-Lightest App to download
– No unnecessary permissions.
-Extracts all applications – Downloaded, System, Preloaded
–Compatible with all Android versions
-Use this tool to keep a copy of all the app you got so the apps you want are always available for new device

-Provided Search option to search applications

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-The application is extracted apk format
-Sorting by name,size,installation date,update date etc in APK extractor.
-User can change saved extract file name using APK extractor.
-System app extractor.
-System as well installed app extractor 2019.
-Easily share extracted apk using mail , bluetooth etc.

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